In 2012/13 – The Lake District National Park Authority ran a Programme looking to improve the commercial offering of two of their Information Centres. There was a requirement to perform a refit/refresh of the existing layouts and sales furniture at both sides.

Following a highly competitive Tender process in October 2012, the contract to refit/refresh our Information Centre at Keswick was awarded to BWD Ltd. The decision was based on best value, professional integrity and their vast back-catalogue of successful projects in the Information and Retail arena.

Keswick Information Centre
The Keswick Information Centre was a real challenge for both BWD Ltd and LDNPA, as the brief was to move two trading floors into one ground floor trading floor whilst still maintaining the services and functions which had previously been on offer. There were also DDA considerations to add into the mix as well as the complexity of working in a listed building with a compact floor-space. The result of all the work and effort which Beverley and the team put in was that we now have a totally reconfigured, professional finished retail and information floor-space that looks strikingly different from the original. Our visitors, staff and chief executive love the new space and amazingly we have increased floor-space whilst moving from trading on two floors to just one! Productivity is up as are the sales, so it’s been a resounding success!

Bowness-On-Windermere Centre
We were so impressed with the work which had been carried out at the Keswick Information Centre, that we re-commissioned BWD Ltd, Lignify and AWE to complete a refit/refresh of our larger Information Centre at Bowness-On-Windermere. Bowness was quite a challenge for both BWD Ltd and LDNPA, as the budget was tight and the brief we provided Beverley was ambitious! The results of all the work and effort which Beverley and the team put in was that we now have a retail and information space that looks totally different. It is more inviting for customers, as the once very large counter takes a backseat to showcasing all of the goods and services on offer. The overall retail and information footprint is very spacious, giving us scope for future additions of gondolas. A very well delivered piece of work, and to the highest standards.

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