They say it’s fairly commonplace to have a ‘seven-year itch’ in your personal life but we are sure it applies to business life too.  That’s exactly what has happened here at bwd.

Moving towards our eighth year we have just had our seven-year itch.  For a while now we have felt that our current website wasn’t really reflecting who we have become as a creative consultancy.  Our breadth of services and the number of sectors we work across wasn’t being reflected.

We have been busy refreshing, refurbishing or rebuilding our client’s projects and have put our refreshment to the back of the queue.  Time to put this right and tackle the website upgrade.  To ensure we didn’t put it back any further, we even gave our website refresh a project job number!  Treating like any other client project helped us keep the project on track as well as monitor the timescales.

The new bwd websiteSee our new website at

We started our website refreshment back in July this year with the appointment of Four Corners Design.  Chris and his wife Claire have been simply brilliant in getting to grips with our brand and understanding our service offer.

It’s taken us just over three months but we are ready to relaunch the new site.  It’s not fully populated with all of our projects; we work on at least 8 to 10 a year so you can imagine it’s going to take us a little bit longer to get everything on there. We can’t thank Chris and Claire at Four Corners Design enough for all of their input and patience.

Just to update you…

The new look website has been designed with our clients, suppliers and associates in mind. There are loads of new features on the website that we think you will all love! Are you aware we now have experience in all of these sectors?

  • Commercial Interiors
  • Events & exhibitions
  • Retail & hospitality
  • Travel environments
  • Urban design
  • Visitor attractions

Photo-realistic visuals

Did you know we provide a stand-alone visualisation service?  What that means is we can take an idea either created by you (or us) and generate a photo-realistic visual.  Great for seeing what a scheme might look like completed and helpful for sign-off purposes as well as briefing the contractor/supplier to undertake the works.

Need any office furniture?

We can now provide you with all of your office and healthcare furniture needs too.  If you are looking to upgrade your space with new desk, task seating, storage or upgrade your reception area why not give us a call.  We supply directly from the manufacturer and can pass on fantastic discounts.

Our favourite page of the website is the ‘meet the team’ page which you can get to via the ‘about us’ tab. None of us are fans of generic headshots on websites which are often boring and formulaic. We wanted to do something different and fun so we thought we would show the bwd team as kids.  We think it’s funny that Bev is the only one sitting in a chair looking like a director.  Ideas of grandeur even at the age of two! Do let us know which toddler picture is the cutest.  Farokh is our current favourite.

We are very proud of the testimonial on the new site.  It’s a huge honour to receive such glowing testimonials for the work we do. Read for yourself.

Getting in touch

There is nothing worse than visiting a website, often from your mobile, and struggle to find a number or email to get in touch. We have made sure any visitor can immediately get in contact with our team. Our studio phone and email are located at the top of every page.

If you need help with your specific project please don’t hesitate to message us on the website. It’s super easy as our contact form sends an email directly to our Creative Director and owner, Bev.

We hope you love our new bwd website as much as we do.  Any feedback, good or bad is always a benefit and helps us ensure the site works for you.

Thanks for reading and thanks for reviewing our new website. Visit again soon to see more of our project updates.

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