Apologies to all of our bwd blog followers for our lapse in posts over the last month.  The reason is simply that we have been mad busy. We are not complaining at all, to the contrary, it’s all great and very exciting.

bwd - computer generated graphics - resturant layout

Do you need help visualising the new layout of your restaurant, office or visitor space? If so get in contact. Call Bev on 01253 732864.

Since we last posted, we have completed the design work on two new restaurants, a travel centre retail space and a new showroom for a well-known paving company.

Due to our workload increases, we have also expanded our team and have recently taken on a new Senior Interior Designer/Project Manager called Samantha, who comes to bwd from South Africa and has a wealth of architectural design experience.

We strongly believe that our sector is a great barometer for what’s happening in the economy.  We say this because we are the first to know when budgets are reduced or cut and first to be contacted again when spending confidence returns.

We will be sharing more details of our new projects, however below is just a little overview of what we are up to.

Check in with us soon to see how things are developing.

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