Where has 2015 gone?  We can’t believe it’s only 36 days to Christmas…..not that we are trying to panic you.  At bwd we are getting super excited so have been embarking on a bit of Christmas research to find out what’s hot and what’s not.

Trends that are making their way into shops, offices and homes this festive period typically vary from traditional to modern.  I know that seems to be the case every year but if you want to be ‘on-trend’ for Christmas 2015 you need to get crafty with fabric, Nordic with wood or turn your home red.

If you haven’t planned your decorations yet, take a look at the three top Christmas trends for this year.

Crafty Christmas


Jar snow scenes, fabric bunting, wooden advent calendars and decorations made from sticks. This trend is DIY inspired.

This festive theme is great if you are looking for a cost effective alternative to bought decorations. It’s also a nice way to get your friends and family involved.

We found some examples on Pinterest that we think you might like.

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2. Nordic Christmas


Think whites, greys, minimalistic and wooden decorations and ta’dah you have this year’s Nordic theme. Inspired by original Finnish Christmas settings, this trend is proving popular for the style conscious.



3. Ruby Christmas

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This year sees bright reds making a strong comeback. High polished reds and complimentary metalics are everywhere.

Red has always been associated with the traditional Christmas so if you want to stay true to tradition this is the theme for you.


We’d love to know if you are opting for one of the trending themes for this year.  Happy shopping folks!

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