bwd dog bath
bwd dog bath

We have really exciting news, our doggy spa is open! Great timing too for all you pet owners who want to get your pets spruced-up for Christmas.

If you read our last post #DoggySpa we announced were designing a lovely local dog groomers in Freckleton #GlamourPooch. The design work was started in February this year and the design and all of the final specifications were completed and signed-off in July.  We know this sounds like a long process but the client wanted to ‘live with’ the design before implementing it. The dog grooming business is always so busy that it was also hard for our client to commit to a date to close.  That said, they didn’t want this to stop them commissioning us to do the design work.

Poochy Progress

We have to say we were really impressed that our new client wanted to get on with the creative and not leave it to the last minute. It’s certainly a good idea to plan ahead. Having the design work completed in advance of implementation provides time for review, specification testing, price gathering and material buying. It certainly saves money if you free-issue items to your nominated contractor.

We are planning to have the groomers professionally photographed soon by our very own 007, Roger Moore of #RougeCreative, however wanted to share some work-in-progress pictures with you first.

Let us know what you think and we will upload pictures of the final space very soon.

Finally, thank you to Caroline and Leanne for your enthusiasm for the design and for being so great to work with. Good luck with #GlamourPooch and we’ll keep popping in to see how you are getting on.

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