Beverley Wood
Beverley Wood

We are happy to announce that Bev is now on the Board of Creative Lancashire. The invitation to join the Board is in recognition of her support to creative students in Lancashire.

Part of Lancashire County Council, the Creative Lancashire team is here to help raise the profile of the creative and digital sector in Lancashire. The Creative Lancashire team have expertise, contacts and provide support, information, access to funding and finance as well as sector specific guidance.  Bev said:

I’m really proud to be on the Board of Creative Lancashire and have already been able to support both #BOBNorth and #BOBSouth events”

bev woods creative lancashire

Click our projects below to see some of the student projects we have been supporting.

bwd paint paper and pallets

bwd new babe

bwd christmas crackers

We would like to thank Ed Matthews-Gentle, Senior Projects Officer at Creative Lancashire, who suggested Bev would be a good asset on the Board.

Thank you Ed for your support.  This is an excellent opportunity for me and I will ensure I do my best to add value to the team.”

bev woods blackpool unlimited

Bev’s Ambition For the Creative Sector

Bev won her seat on the Creative Lancashire Board because of her work and support for the Lancashire student creative sector. She wants to use her role to influence the aims and ambitions of the Lancashire Enterprise Partnership strategic plan. Although Digital and Creative is one of the sectoral focuses, there is currently no creative industry representative within the LEP team. She feels creative businesses add great value and Bev is keen to champion their cause within the LEP.

The UTC Preston Bid

In the meantime, Bev will continue to support projects such as the UTC Preston Bid, which she was involved in last year. Unfortunately the bid fell through but we hope there is a chance to resubmit the proposals again, in the near future.  Securing bids like this is yet another positive step forwards to firmly establishing Lancashire as a regional creative leader.

Do you share our beliefs about the design sector in Lancashire? What would you like to happen?

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