It’s official, the babes will be attending Best of Britannia 2015 in Preston. This is a huge privilege for us as exhibitors are carefully selected;

Best Of Britannia (BOB) BoB is a highly targeted brand statement event that exclusively caters for British companies that design and/or manufacture in the UK.”


Click the logo above to view the official BoB website.

Best of Britannia event details

When? 15th to 17th May 2015.

Where? Historic Post Office building and Flag Market in Preston.

Why? You’ll see some of the best creative businesses in the North West

Can the public attend? Yes, on Saturday 16th and Sunday 17th the doors will be open for anyone to attend and view the exhibitions. On Friday 15th the event is open to the trade, with an exclusive preview evening to trade buyers and the media.

Book Here BoB North bwd PrestonWe’ve been designing our exhibition space in between client projects so we’ve had a hectic week. If you are in Preston, please come and say hello.  We think it’s going to be an amazing event. Don’t worry if you cannot be there as our social partners #Lucky6 plan to keep you all updated via our Twitter, Facebook and this blog.

bwd plans for bob north

Want to see how the plans worked out? Visit our showcase in room 21 at BoB!


bwd secret plans for BoB North

Here’s a sneaky peak of our rough sketches.

What is Best of Britannia?

Check out this video from BoB 2014 held in London.

The BOB team are delighted to be breathing new life into the former Central Post Office building in the historic Flag Market where we will be creating our unique pop-up department store experience. In addition, BOB North will be utilising the wrought-iron Victorian grandeur of the adjacent covered market with food, drink and musical entertainment from the region.”

We cannot wait to see all the other businesses at BoB North; not to mention eating some of the local food and enjoying the amazing live entertainment.

Are you going to come? Is your business going to be there? We would love to hear from you.

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