Are you looking at a blue sky idea or do you want to develop an existing one? Do you want to see the end result before the physical work begins? We can help.

Our skilled team of designers at bwd are using cutting-edge 3D design programs to help our clients realise their schemes before investing in the physical works. We can bring your plans to life by generating photo-realistic visuals called CGI’s.

What is a CGI?

Computer Generated Images (CGI’s) are photo-realistic images used to showcase your products and space at the ideas stage.  They provide you with a lifelike view of your idea before you invest in the cost of creating it.

They are a great way to evaluate as well as promote a product or space that has not yet been physically produced.  They can be used to test new markets, before investing in your idea, by simulating how your product will look. You can use the images in a brochure or newsletter to promote and/or attract investment.  You can then use the same visuals for your own promotional purposes to support marketing campaigns, TV ads, online videos and presentations.

CGI’s create ‘lifelike’ views that are more cost effective than producing the real thing.

5 Benefits of CGI visuals:

1. help with decision making

We generated CGI visuals for our #BurgerParlour project to help the client view the end result before the build work began.

tch067_concept-burger-parlour_view-to-banquet tch067_concept-plan-overview

Once the three dimensional part of the visual is created, various colours, texture treatments and furniture were tested to showcase the overall design.  Our visuals helped our client and their team make key decisions about their preferences avoiding costly physical experiments.

2. supporting pre-event sales

If you are planning an event, concert or corporate function and don’t have the benefit of previous years photographs to help you promote it, how do you attract those pre-event sales? This was the dilema facing one of our clients.  They wanted to promote a VIP area which they were offering for the first time.  From a simple sketch outline of the overall area and a few images from the event suppliers we produced these photo-realistic images of the new VIP area.  The visuals were publicised in newspaper articles as well as online, prior to the event, to attract ticket sales.

Below: VIP Seating Area, Lytham Proms for Cuffe and Taylor

bwd-photo-realistic-3d-graphics-for-lytham-proms bwd-photo-realistic-3d-graphics-for-lytham-proms-frontThe VIP seating areas sold out in less than 48 hours!

3. helping to raise working capital

Apartment construction and refit projects can be extremely complex and costly. It is important to raise as much working capital as possible and selling ‘off plan’ is one solution.   bwd were approached to design and produce visuals for new international student accommodation in Preston.  Working from flat plan layouts, we built the whole apartment block in 3D and then configured the furniture and fittings layout as well as all of the proposed finishes.

Below: International Student Apartments for Redwood Springs

140307_rsl085_limehouse_studio-bedroom 140307_rsl085_lime-house_x1-kitchen limehouse_studio_visual_bwd

The visuals were used in promotional literature to enable our client to let all of the apartments ‘off plan’.

4. promoting a new development

Investing in any development is a risk but investing in a near derelict development with a view to being able to refurbish and sell-on quickly is a big challenge.  Our client contacted us to see if we could look at a specific area of the development to see if we could showcase how their timber lodges would look, following a full refurbishment.  The four CGI visuals were produced over a period of a week and have helped secure our client a deal with one of the UK’s leading family leisure park providers.

Below: Timber Lodges for i-Hotels Management

5. convincing the planners

If you are looking to discuss a proposed idea with your local Planning Department you will inevitably need plan layouts as well as visuals.  Our project in Bowness on Windermere, for the Lake District National Parks Authority (LDNPA) required exactly this.  The existing Visitor Centre building was re-planned to include a new cafe offer.  The best location within the space offered no natural daylight nor a view to the beautiful Lake Windermere.  bwd provided the CGI visuals below, along with flat plan layouts, to support a Planning Application to create a new corner glazed area for the new proposed cafe offer.

Below: Proposed external remodelling of the Visitor Centre for LDNPA

02-bwd-were-selected-to-design-and-project-manage-this-building roofless-1_overview-of-retail-space-and-bookshop_final-high

If you want to discuss how CGI visuals could help your business, please call Bev on: 01253 732 864

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