bwd dog grooming shop design
bwd dog grooming shop design

Don’t we love our pooches?  We certainly do.  As dog loving babes, we are really excited to be designing a local dog groomers and turning it into a #DoggySpa.

From pooches, to moggies, bunnies to goldfish, we certainly love our pets in Britain. During our research stage, which we do with all our projects, did you know that there are an estimated 9 million dogs in the UK, 8 million cats, 1.2 million rabbits and over 20 million fish kept as pets!

Are you a dog owner? What do you think a #DogSpa should look like? Have you ever visited one?  We have found loads of examples in America however they are certainly becoming more popular here in the UK.

We presented our concepts to our new client last week and they really love the ideas we have come up with. Even Bev’s daughter has been suggesting ideas and came up with calling the ‘doggy day care’ area the ‘pooch lounge’.  Well done Phoebe, we love it and so did our client!

Don’t forget if you are starting out in business and looking for some creative help to visualise your new venture; a new workplace, office or shop, we offer all of our services independently or as a package.  Even if you just want to see your rough sketch drawn-up to see what it might look like, we can produce photo-realistic visuals using our 3D design and render service.

Visit our blog soon for more updates on our #DoggySpa project. In the meantime, check out the gallery of images that we found and have inspired our concept ideas.

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