We have started the New Year very upbeat and were delighted to find out that the creative design work we did for our Manchester Arndale client has been implemented. Check out the newly refurbished loo’s in the Manchester Arndale Winter Garden’s area.

The design of the loo’s happened last year and forms part of a wider refurbishment programme of work which bwd are involved with.

The toilet design came about as part of the creative work we are doing for Manchester Arndale’s 800-seater food court.

The existing toilets were looking very tired, dated and in desperate need of repair. You can see for yourself the state they are in however, given the amount of toilets in the centre, refurbishing them is not a straight forward exercise and very costly too.

Here are some of our pics to show you what they look like currently:

Gallery 1: before the Babes Who Design work their magic.


We felt the toilets needed an injection of colour as well as contrast to help the sight impaired. We decided on a vibrant plum colour to compliment the tiles which are set on an angle and alternate white, cream and sand shades.

We replaced the existing floor tiles with a brighter vinyl flooring which is more cost effective and we think makes a huge difference. We replaced the dated trough-style sink unit with contemporary individual sink units.   New suspended ceiling details and enhanced lighting and LED features have been introduced to further enhance the feel of the space.

To convince the client that our design ideas would look great we produced 3D visuals (we offer this as a stand-alone service too) of our proposed design along with full specifications of the materials and finishes.

Gallery 2: work in progress – our plans and 3D visuals.


The winter gardens toilets are the first to be refurbished. We are really pleased with the outcome but what do you think?

Gallery 3: done! How the new toilets look now.

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