How good would it be to turn your humble shed into a themed bar or an all American diner! Well some have done just that.  Check out these #amazing spaces.

After our designer Ria watched the TV series on Channel 4 – Amazing Spaces Shed of the Year she was so impressed with the transformations that she suggested we share the best ones with you on our blog.  Here’s a snapshot of the best ones.

amazing spaces shed of the year

George Clarke discovers a world of designer style, glorious eccentricity and truly amazing spaces to live, work and play in, as he presides over the Shed of the Year competition”

Bottle-Dome, Richard Pim, as seen in telegraphIf you think about it, your shed is the perfect project to flex your architectural or interior design aspirations.  Your shed make-over can be as elaborate or as low key as you like.  The materials too can be cost effective; remember paint is cheap.

Vintage-Motor-Work shed Hereford finalist workshop studio category as seen in telegraphHere are our tips for your shed make-over:

Firstly it’s important to have a ‘strong concept’. Everyone featured in this series had a strong vision before embarking on their project.

Secondly, ‘seek advice’.  If we don’t know something ask someone who does and always do your research.

Thirdly,  ‘stay on track’.  Even when the going gets tough, keep at it until the project is completed. As professional designers, we too go through periods on a project when you have to overcome challenges. It’s important at this point to go back to your original idea and check you have incorporated everthing you set out to.

a finalist in the unique category of the 2014 Shed of the Year competition sponsored by CuprinolUnless you are a professional tradesman you are likely to lack all of the expertise needed at the beginning of the project.  Don’t be put off.  By the end of the process you will have gained new DIY skills and have completed a space that you have created which is very rewarding.

We hope this post has inspired you to get busy with your shed.  We’d love to see the finished results and will even post your shed make-over on our blog. Whatever you decide to do, we would like to know what your dream shed would look like? Please comment below or tweet us @babeswhodesign

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