LimeHouse Preston
LimeHouse Preston

Previewing ideas before they become reality is something we do as part of our design process and we have become extremely skilled at visualising.   Recently we were asked to do this for a property development company to help them promote their new apartments at the Lime House, Preston.

The Lime House, on Market Street, Preston, was formally an office block owned by the Kenmore Property Group. After the group went into administration (in April 2010 – Read more here) the building went up for sale.

External LimeHouse in Preston - interior design

Photo of the exterior of the Lime House building  exterior soon to be enhanced with high-tech lighting.

Now the Lime House is being converted into 88 high quality apartments spread over 8 floors bringing the total space to 3,416m2. Work has already begun but visuals showing the end vision were needed to use in promotional literature so the babes who design were invited to do the visualisation work.


bwd visuals of a studio room within the Lime House building in Preston. Luxury accommodation for students

We think visuals are extremely important. You can talk about and describe a project as much as you like but as the saying goes “A picture is worth a thousand words.” Our new clients are really pleased with the results so keep your eye out for the promotional brochure.

140307_RSL085_Limehous_x2 bedroom b

The Lime House will be luxury student accommodation. Something that is always in high demand in Preston. We made sure the BWD visuals showcased the room standards and even helped our clients with finishes and room colour schemes.

What do you think of our 3D visuals? Designed to market the accommodation to international students, our team are keen to hear what Preston students think.


We would like to say thank you to Callwood Properties, Kingswood Properties and David Cox Architects who are part of the team helping to promote these fantastic apartments.

Which room would you choose? Let us know in the comments section and please come back soon for an update.

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