Spring is around the corner and with the brighter weather comes the new season’s colour trends so we thought we would share with you what’s new for 2014.

Fashion design trends always influence interior colours and finishes so we are keeping an eye on what’s happening on the catwalks!

Sunny Pastels are set to dominate the catwalk this spring season and you may have noticed these pale colours being used for home accessories. We predict this trend to be a great way to add colour to a room without being too extreme.

Spring Trends 2014 - Pastels

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Petal and rose pink will contrast the sunny pastel colour trend and offer savvy designers a modern focal point. Understated we expect to see this colour used sparingly in pretty and urban spaces.

Spring Trends 2014 - Pink

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Floral motifs are making a statement within fashion and we expect to see this translated into interior design. Complex graphical designs with flat gloss sleek finish to contrast will make for a fresh modern feel.

Spring Trends 2014 - Floral

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Patterns Prevail

One of the strongest trends this season is geometric patterns. Bold and bright these explosions of colour will be making an appearance in wall coverings and soft furnishings.  Set against the sunny pastels a spring in South America will never feel far away.

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Click the image above to see source

This trend has been encapsulated by Dulux with the Digital Nomads  trend. Which is your favourite colour within this trend? We quite like the ‘Red Clown’ for its deep rich vibrancy and ‘Limone’ for its almost vintage temperament.

Last year’s Trends

So how do these compare to last year? Well take a look at our past blog Pantone Freshen up for Spring ’13

What are your trend forecasts? Which do you think you will use. Please let us know below.

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