CAD to production bwd design agency Lancashire
CAD to production bwd design agency Lancashire

We have been doing lots of fast turn-around jobs recently which has been keeping us very busy. Whilst driving back from a client site meeting in Llandudno we were contacted by Manchester Arndale to see if we could do a Feedback Box for an event. Here is what our brief went like:

Hi Bev, do you think you and Lignify (our fantastic joinery partners, based in Chorley) could get your heads together and come up with a ‘feedback box’ for us. We only need one and want it for an event we are running next week. We know it’s very short notice, but we know you’ll be able to do something for us. Could you get us a visual by Monday (the call was on Friday afternoon!) for us to sign off? We need it in the Shopping Centre by Thursday morning.”

So, with only three days to get a ‘feedback box’ designed, signed off, manufactured and installed in Manchester Arndale, I said “No problem, leave it with us.”

By the end of Monday we had designed, drawn it up in 3D, (see visuals below) had it signed off. on Tuesday morning our reliable friends Lignify ( were on with manufacturing.

3D visuals for manufacturing by bwd in Lancashire
The pictures below show a before and after of our ‘feedback box’ as it went in the spray booth. We were very pleased with the results.

manufacturing from 3d design by bwd in Lancashire

The unit went into the Shopping Centre at Manchester Arndale by the deadline and the client loves it! We received a lovely phone call from the Head of Marketing to thank us for turning it around so rapidly. Challenge completed.

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