Last week we were rushed off our feet; literally! We were briefed by the Head of Marketing, Manchester Arndale, to come up with an idea for a ‘backdrop’ for a pair of shoes. We were thinking, why a backdrop for a pair of shoes, until we saw the size of them!

Giant Stiletto Heels at Manchester Arndale CentreGiant Stiletto Heels at Manchester Arndale Centre

The aim of the backdrop was primarily to help calm the ‘visual clutter’ around the giant shoes and enable shoppers in the Manchester Arndale centre to have photographs taken with the shoes. The backdrop also needed to be used on its own too, as a promotional opportunity. Our first thought was a giant ‘picture frame’ which would prop up behind the shoes. We did some visuals (shown below) but the client was worried about the bulkiness of the frame, how many staff it would take to set up and then store away afterwards.

Visual Displays For Retail Designed by bwd for Manchester ArndaleWith time running out and an event pending, we started looking for something ‘off-the-shelf’ which would be light weight, could be easily assembled/disassembled, compliment the shoes and be readily available to order online. We came across this fantastic acrylic screen system from an Italian company called Paxton ( It ‘ticked all the boxes’ and the client loved it too.

Acrylic screen system from PaxtonAcrylic screen system from Paxton

We placed an order for flat panels in a frosted white, initially, to see if the client liked them. From order to arrival (bearing in mind they were coming from Italy) it took only four days! We couldn’t believe it – what fantastic service. Once we assembled the screens we were all very pleased with the end result. Here’s a picture of the screens, just after assembly.

Manchester Arndale

The Manchester Arndale really love the Paxton system and are planning to order more very soon. Look out for them when you take a visit to Manchester Arndale!

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