It’s always a pleasure to see how well a client is doing, after we have finished a project. This month we were so pleased to see a newspaper article posted on the Burger Parlour’s Facebook page. The headline read “Meat feat is proving too hard to stomach”

Any fan of our blog will be familiar with this project. See the links at the bottom of the page for past posts. We have really enjoyed posting news about the Burger Parlour in Barrow. We still get a buzz when we read about how well they are doing and how much their customers like the restaurant we designed.

Burger Parlour Barrow

Click image to see the original Facebook post.

We really love the food in the Burger Parlour and would love one here in Lytham. The Burger Challenge is a great concept and really brings in the punters who want to ‘give it a go’. We have to admit, we haven’t tried the challenge yet. To be honest I don’t think we would manage this lot – an extra large Black Combe Burger made up of three 6oz patties of Cumbrian beef topped with melted Cheddar cheese, bacon, lettuce, red onion, tomato, onion rings, hash browns & black pudding. Plus a mountain of homemade fries, coleslaw & cheese covered nachos AND finally a 9inch Cumber Dog on the side!!!

If you find yourself in Cumbria, you should definitely call in for a feast of food at the Burger Parlour. If you do, give the Challenge a whirl and let us know if you manage it. We would love to see Adam Richman give it a go.

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