Skystation in London
Skystation in London

When we think of the seats and benches we sit on out in the street we usually find we are sitting on something nondescript, covered in graffiti with peeling paint. However, times are changing and street furniture is becoming stylish, sculptural and designed with attention to how it might be used.

We think street furniture should be creatively designed, reasonably comfortable to sit on,mindful of materials used and look great in the context of it’s surroundings.  Ergonomically designed, posture-perfect seats and benches are springing up in the urban streetscape. Developers and Council’s are providing seating to encourage social interaction and are investing in higher quality products in natural materials, stone, stainless steel and wood to avoid the maintenance issues of the past.

Sam Aquillano, an executive director at Design Museum Boston held a ‘Street Seats’ exhibition where designers around the world were invited to create their own ‘iconic bench’ to represent a neighbourhood and it’s people. The intention being to challenge people’s perceptions of street furniture to make them think ‘Whoa, whats with this bench’.   Find out more here.

There are lots of examples of creative designs out there.  Here’s a small selection of our favourites:


Skystation in LondonThis seat is in London and first appeared outside the Hayward Gallery in 2009. Peter Newman (the creator) designed it to look like a UFO and to fit reclining human figures. It’s a great way to look up at the sky and star gaze!

Urban Adapter Bench

Urban Adapter BenchRocker Lange Architects  designed this bench a few years ago now but it’s still a favourite. The wooden profiles offer multiple seating solutions, from a flat bench, to a sloped area for lounging.

Chit Chat Swinging Seat

Chit Chat Swinging SeatWe love this unique seat created by a Dutch Designer. In order to stay on the seat you have to balance making it impossible not to talk to strangers!

As it happens we are designing our own range of street furniture for a client in East Lancashire but sadly sworn to secrecy until the range is finalised.  We are really looking forward to showcasing our ‘Goosefoot’ range.  Keep following and we’ll keep you posted. In the meantime, send us your pictures your favourite local bench and let us know why you like it?

Street furniture and Lancashire design by bwd

Coming soon! Keep following to find out more.

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