This week Bev has been looking for a quirky napkin holder to add a bit of flair to her table, when she has the family over for Christmas.

Our web browsing has discovered that there are loads of fun and funky ones to choose from.

Wooden Napkin HolderHow about this holder? Made to remind us all that natural resources are limited. As napkins are removed the tree-like stopper grows shorter.

Bear Napkin HolderWe love this holder because of its festive look and feel. Don’t you think the white napkins look like snow set against the moose, bear and tree silhouette?

bull fight napkinThis is such a great bit of design but we are not sure it would work with white napkins however!

How about this idea from Freshness Burger in Japan. A serviette really…..not a holder, but it’s such an interesting idea we could not help but feature it in our post.

Napkin holders not your thing? If you have the time why not make each napkin a display in its own right? One of our favourite is this bunny napkin.

Now we have the ball rolling please let us know below; what is your favourite quirky product?

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