Your office is the hub of your business and the staff are your spokes. It is where most tasks, relating to running your business happen. Here at bwd we have been giving our own office a makeover to optimise our space and to make room for our very lovely new Office Manager called Lisa.

Recent studies are reviling surprising insights into how our business environment affects our work. From the lighting you specify, to the wall colours, chair and desk choice…they all have a bearing on how well your staff perform.

Studies have shown if you allow employees to personalise their workspace they become happier, healthier and productivity goes up by 32%

Office Layout Planning

Office Layout Planning – Have you thought about the chairs?

It’s all in the planning and then making the right choices when it comes to finishes and furniture. In today’s ‘claim culture’ you can’t afford to get things wrong. We visit many clients and suppliers and the choice of staff seating ranges from cutting edge/highly fashionable to cheap and tacky! Did you know that mesh-back chairs are designed to allow hot and cold air to circulate to keep your back cool in the summer and warmer in the winter. If your staff are comfortable, they are likely to be more productive. So simple but so effective.

We have lots of other considerations to share with you too, here are a few more:

  • Workers who are allowed to personalise their workspace have been found to be happier, healthier and also up to 32% more productive.
  • Private offices are said to be shrinking in size due to technology. So don’t expect a large private office if all you need is a computer to do your job.
  • Editing work, including cut and paste, can see an increase in productivity by 9-50% by using multiple computer screens.
  • Well-lit, well-ventilated and comfortable offices increased worker satisfaction by 24%
  • Placing a work space by a window can improve task efficacy by 15%

If you are looking to improve productivity, make your staff happy in their working environment why not call for a chat.

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In the meantime, here’s a little inspiration…

Google: Quirky Design

If you are looking for the ultimate inspiration take a look Inside Google’s new London headquarters. This fantastical design might not be for everyone but it does show how far from convention you can push your office refit.

Office Refit Lancashire

Have you seen an office refit like this in Lancashire?

Become Creative

We also came across this great board of inspiration on Pinterest. Which is your favourite? We like the following three

Inspirational Office Refits

Have you seen any offices that inspired you? What would you like to improve about your office? Please comment below.


Wish to read more about office refits. We recommend the following:

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