Disclaimer: If you hate early Christmas talk or imagery then don’t read any further. This post contains both festive ramblings and inspirational Christmas card ideas. 

We bet you thought autumn…but no, we’ve been getting festive with Christmas card ideas. We love a good Christmas card and love designing and sending them to friends and clients. In fact some clients have liked our cards so much they have asked us to design theirs too!

Here are a few Christmas card types we really like:

1. Pop-up Xmas. You cannot beat a pop-up Christmas card. Just like the ones we made in school. Yes we know they cost a bit more but they are works of art.

2. Pop-out Xmas. We really like this three dimensional Christmas card. A pop-out wooden design that becomes a display in its own right. We are looking at doing something like thisourselves and have just invited the talented students at University of Central Lancashire to help us out.  We have set the advertising and illustration students a brief to come up with something fun, engaging and has a use beyond the Christmas season.  Looking forward to seeing their designs in the coming weeks.
bwd designer christmas cards in lancashire2

3. Graphic Design Xmas. The original and still most common type of Christmas card how can you beat a well-designed and personal picture card? Our skilled team of designers will be making many of these this year. Communicate to a loved one or client that you have them in mind with your very own card. Stuck for inspiration? Click the image below to look at a blog we found featuring many cool designs.

Click the image above to see more great inspirational card ideas on a blog we found for you.

Click the image above to see more great inspirational card ideas on a blog we found for you.

So are you a traditional Christmas card or
e-card person? Maybe you would like to do something a little different this year and have your very own bespoke design created? If this is the case please get in touch.

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