Our first restaurant project
Our first restaurant project

What 3Bs? Well we’re referring to the Best Burgers in Barrow of course. Our first restaurant project; the Burger Parlour, is now open for business and serves ‘proper burgers and real ice-cream’.

Anyone For Ice-Cream bwdIce Cream Saturday bwd
See our previous blogs Ice-cream-saturday and anyone-for-ice-cream to see the project development (click above).

It’s fantastic and really rewarding to see positive comments on Trip Advisor about the design of the space as well as how great the food is!

Menu from the Burger Parlour in Barrow

Which burger are you going to choose? We recommend you try the Courgette & Halloumi Burger ‘Made with chick peas, topped with char-grilled pepper and aubergine, Hawkshead sun dried tomato & garlic relish’ perfect for vegetarians.

Maybe you fancy something a little different? Why not try (has to be the best name ever) a Cumber Dog? ‘Cumberland sausage with lashings of onions, Monterey Jack cheese, French’s mild mustard’.

If you share Homer Simpson’s appetite and a regular burger is not enough why not try ‘The Burger Parlour Challenge’

We take the Black Combe Burger and add another patty taking it to a collosal 18oz of meat plus all the trimmings. On the side you will have a large portion of fries, nachos covered in cheese and a Cumber Dog to finish off. You have 45 minutes to devour this mountain of deliciousness; if you manage within the time limit we will waive the £27.50 charge and you will go down in history (you will be added to the wall of fame and take home the BP challenge T-shirt)”

While enjoying your food, drinks and excellent service please take a moment to notice the interior. We have tried to create a space which doesn’t shout at you but provides the right level of ambience to compliment the fabulous menu.

If you have already been, please let us know what you think?

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