“Champagne at the proms? Why not?” and with Roger Moore no less. It’s not every day you have the pleasure of working with a real life 007.

We are proud to announce that we not only design fashion stores but are now designing the clothes too. Our first fashion project designing for Roger Moore.  Being a fan of Rog, we were flattered to design his Polo shirt for the Lytham Proms.

Ok our 007 is not the Roger Moore you are thinking of but our very own Roger Moore of Rouge Creative, Lytham www.rougecreative.com and the official Lytham Prom photographer. Our exploration into fashion design is true however.

t-shirt templait

Our Lytham loves Rita designer t-shirt

t-shirt templait

Russell ‘the voice’ designer t-shirt

At short notice, we were asked to put together some official eye-catching and creative t-shirts for Roger and his crew. How could we resist. We just love being creative and came up with the designs below.

the guys in the shirts

Roger and Kev loved the t-shirts and went off to the proms to snap a few photos of our famous guests and prom stars. If you looked closely you may have noticed some of the star’s names on the t-shirts. In fact Rita Ora saw our very own Roger sporting her name and asked for one for herself! That’s right – bwd designed t-shirts endorsed by pop royalty!

Rita on stage at Lytham Prom. Photo by Rouge Creative

Rita on stage at Lytham Prom. Photo by Rouge Creative

Is it no wonder we now find ourselves edging towards the fashion business? Would you like a bwd dress, t-shirt or jacket? What would you like us to design next?

Thanks for reading, let us know your thoughts!

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