Bowness on Windermere Information Centre by beverley wood design
Bowness on Windermere Information Centre by beverley wood design

The Lake District National Park Authority (LDNPA) looks after one of England’s most popular visitor destination.  Their aim ‘to encourage people to enjoy and understand its beauty and helping those who live and work here’. Their staff members include rangers and field workers, planners, ecologists and event organisers as well as knowledgeable advisers at their visitor centres.

bwd were successfully selected to design and project manage the Bowness on Windermere Information Centre, having successfully completed the Keswick Information Centre, early in the year.

The focus for our brief was to create a new environment which responded to one of the key LDNPA key visions, to provide ‘World class visitor experiences – High quality and unique experiences for visitors within a stunning and globally significant landscape.  Experiences that compete with the best in the international market’.

We focused our attentions primarily on opening up the retail space and removing customer barriers such as a glass screen at the entrance and an oversized service counter.  The aim of our re-planning was to create a natural flow around the space to encourage visitors to browse with ease.

beverley wood design information center at Bowness on Windermere

A graphic from our design team showing the overview of the planned retail space and book shop

We planned the service zone around an existing architectural column which enabled us to hide all of the power requirements.  The new counter area is designed to enable the staff to deal with retail sales as well as more time consuming customer queries from a single centralised operational zone.

Interior design by bwd in lancashire

Left: A graphic from our design team showing planned counter in the retail space. Right: Photo showing the finish build as installed at the Bowness on Windermere Information Centre.

bwd have also provided new wall bay fixtures as well as new window-focused selling promotional space for third party advertising.

bwd designed and build illuminated window advertising panels

Photo of final illuminated window advertising panels

In addition, we have sustainably re-used and re-furbished much of the clients existing shopfit elements, to create the new interior.

reused and refurbished existing shopfit elements by beverley wood design

Photo of the new back wall with LDNPA graphics

bwd Project Gallery

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