bwd at the Institute of Making
bwd at the Institute of Making

bwd at the shardAfter a most exciting trip to London our Managing Director, Beverley Wood, returned with lots of photos we just had to show you.

Below are six photos taken at the Institute of Making – a multidisciplinary research club for those interested in the made world. Read last week’s blog Living in a material world for more information.

bwd at the Institute of Making

The interior of the Institute of Making. Here Bev met Zoe Laughlin – Creative Director & Curator of Materials (who was also the person who showed the One Show around).

Aero Gel at the Institute

Bev saw Aero Gel on show at the Institute and was so taken aback by how it looked like smoke she snapped this photo. See last week’s post for more information on this material

Insperation at the Institute

An excellent place to inspire interior designers, architects and creative types.

Institute of MakingInstitute of Making

Glass balustrade with fabric inside

Bev also came across this glass balustrade with fabric inside. Also seen at the Innovation Centre in Saint Gobain – Another favourite bwd inspiration location

After seeing the Institute of Making on TV only a few weeks ago it was a pleasure to be able to get close to the interesting and innovative materials within. We would like to thank Zoe Laughlin for showing Bev around and would recommend this excellent institute of anyone interested in innovation and design.

From material innovation to building innovation a visit to London would not be complete without a visit to The Shard. Bev was astounded by this building and the views from the top. Another destination for any designers visiting London.

 Lancashire based creative design consultancy in the shardWhich location has provided you with inspiration in the UK? Let us know below in the comments section.

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