What’s red, green, blue, yellow and purple? Why it’s the iconic tower just down the coast from us in Blackpool and this is no joke.

Last week saw one of the North West’s most known landmarks turn purple. A fitting tribute for a landmark in a town famed for light displays and the cause this purple light show represented – a day supporting epilepsy awareness.

Since February 2013 the tower has been fitted with LED lights in replacement of its old, less efficient pygmy bulbs. This £250,000 project has not only brought brighter lights to the tower but also a vast array of new options when it comes to light design for the now modern display.

This sort of lighting technology has been available for some time but only seems to be coming into Vogue most recently. This comes as no surprise as these systems can be programmed to display thousands of colours and animations. With this in mind just think how this could be combined with traditional and modern architecture.
LED Light Design
Well-designed lighting can change the look of a building immediately working both subtly on a winter’s day and assertively at night. It is a human trait to assign personalities to buildings and structures. Lighting can modify the image of a building without the actual structure changing.

In a modern world paced by change and development is this what we crave? Building that also subtly change and develop on a monthly basis? Here at bwd we like it! Being big fans of the town just down the coast, Blackpool has a special place in our hearts and it’s great to see the Tower receive the attention it deserves.

What would you give Blackpool Tower’s new lights out of 10?

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