Hello bwd
Hello bwd

An office object that is so simple and functional we have all used them at some point. A thin piece of wire commonly comprising of three half spherical 180 degree bends that simply and easily slide onto paper to clasp pages together.

The humble paper clip brings two cornerstones of our design philosophy together. Form and function. Simple and elegant their malleable yet sturdy form lends itself well to reuse or reshaping. They perform their function with such success they do not divert any attention away from the documents they hold together.

However, we personally believe there is room to improve the traditional form of paperclips. We believe they can and should be personalised. Over the past weeks we have been developing our own paperclip using our logo which is also a paradigm.

On our journey to design and develop the perfect bwd paperclip we came across the following which can be purchased online. We found a whole host of animal paperclips – perfect for adding a bit of fun to the office. Or how about the number clips that add extra organisation to the well-established function of paperclips?

Penguin Paperclip

Number ClipsRabbit Paperclip

Have these creative paperclips inspired you? If so we highly recommend you read Colour Living blog post all about their designer paperclips. Finally if you know where we may find assistance with manufacturing our own bwd paperclips please let us know. Leave a comment below. We would love to hear from you.bwd paper clips

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