For us, our best result from our clients is their happiness with what we have created for them, so we love that there are other companies out there that share this with us!

Fab - Smile

Fab is Everyday Design

Fab is a website providing creatively designed websites and apps as well as selling creatively designed products, but Fab differs to other stores because, in their own words, they “set out to delight you, inspire you, make you laugh, and give you something to look forward to” every day.

Fab provide a huge range of pieces, but here are just 5 that we love:

Range of Bird lighting by Gwendolyn & Guillane Kerschbaumer

Range of Bird lighting by Gwendolyn & Guillane Kerschbaumer

We love the subtlety of these lamp’s design. They’d be appropriate for a variety of spaces, domestic or commercial, particularly in child-oriented areas.

bed by Innocent Beds

The dark shades and design of the bed are very masculine, but the softer curves and practicality bring it back with a feminine touch. We envision this piece of furniture in a luxury hotel suite.

glassware and mugs by FIFTYEIGHT PRODUCTS

We cant get enough of these expressive, colourful pieces of crockery. We want them in our homes, and even just to leave around the office to cheer us up on a rainy day! Reminiscent of the crockery in Disney’s Beauty and the Beast, we can only hope the jug will burst into song.

storage bench and ottoman by La Nomade du Design

These contemporary benches are also weatherproof, so can be used outdoors or indoors, and the sleek design means an endless list of appropriate uses, domestic and commercial.

piggy banks by Areaware

The product description for these piggy banks is enough to make us favour the art inspired project – “Bank in the Form of a Pig is part of the Reality series designed by Harry Allen for Areaware. Allen’s work emphasizes the inherent beauty of things. This bank is produced by casting polyester resins in a silicone mold from a real pig who lost his life (from natural causes). The result is a highly detailed, realistic sculpture who sure likes the taste of your bread.”

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