I recently read a great blog post by Robin Fisher Roffer

“Research proves that 65% of all communication is visual. What are your clothes saying about your personal brand?”

I think this is spot on! I feel like jewellery is my signature, rings especially. The more unusual the ring, the better for me! They are easy to change, and I have so many options to choose from in my growing collection.

I like to keep my outfit simple and impress with stand out accessories, and I love finding fantastic individual pieces in little boutique shops or when on holiday abroad.

Here are a couple paragraphs I particularly like from Robin Fisher Roffer’s blog post:

To make sure that I’m seen and heard, I carved out a couple of hours on Sunday laying out each outfit – carefully considering my mostly media-savvy audience. I thought about what they would respond to and feel comfortable with. Then I mixed all the pieces in unexpected ways in keeping with my personal brand. In the suitcase went a red sleeveless dress with a lightweight long beige jacket, a tailored dark grey Jackie-O type dress cinched with a studded leather obi and funky black jacket. For casual client dinners, I threw in a pair of skinny jeans and some fun tops to go under the jackets. Everything went into one small bag so I could carry on.

If I was a guy doing the same business trip, I would have packed two beautifully tailored closely cut suits with crisp dress shirts in unexpected colors. No tie. I’d make sure that my watch and eyeglasses (if I wore them) were the latest style. I would be conscious to not look old school or worn. I’d show up in the NYC relevant and of-the-moment.

I suppose I live my life how I conduct my professional design life as a product designer ‘it’s all about the detail’

– Bev

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