Extra! Extra! Read all about it! bwd has been featured in one of our local newspapers, the Blackpool Gazette, in their report on The Pollinations!

Beverley Wood featured in the Blackpool Gazette's online article

Screen shot of Beverley Wood featured in the Blackpool Gazette’s online article

The article, written by Jacqui Morley, is featured both online and in the printed newspaper, and talks about how The Pollinations has been such a success that is due to be repeated next year with a different theme. This year’s theme was designed to underline Blackpool’s status as one of the dance capitals of the world.

bwd's completed Singin' In The Rain installation at Blackpool's flower show The Pollinations

bwd’s completed Singin’ In The Rain installation at Blackpool’s flower show The Pollinations

Showbizworks director Martin Blore explains: “Our hope is that this evolves each year as we add to the displays to ultimately create the country’s largest indoor flower show.”

Martin, former general manager of The Tower, is back on familiar turf with the project and beams: “The Winter Gardens is looking the best it has for years – and we want as many people as possible to appreciate that fact … and also see the display.

“We started with an entertainment brief but opted for dance because it’s synonymous with the building and Blackpool. It just seemed natural, in every sense, to create a display that celebrated dance. We didn’t want to go for a cliché and they don’t get more iconic than Singing In The Rain and Moulin Rouge. Timely too, given the wet summer so there’s a sense of irony here too.”

Our installation has made such an impression that today our very own Beverley Wood will be interviewed tomorrow by Brett Davison for Lancashire Radio! We cannot wait! We are so happy that we have pleased our local community!

The event is open until the end of August, and the full article can be read here.

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