It is now near impossible to ignore the fact that the entire country will soon be celebrating Queen Elizabeth II’s Diamond Jubilee with an extended weekend over 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 5th June. Almost every industry has gone patriotically crazy, adorning everything possible with a Union Jack in order to unite us a nation and show our adoration for our reigning monarch.

Diamond Jubilee edition food products

Limited Edition Food Products in celebration of the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee

With thanks to Our Majesty’s 60 years as monarch, remembering your British nationality has fast become a trend this season. Mary Portas was all over our television screens pleading us to keep our British caps on when considering our purchases, and Banksy has re-taken to the streets to produce a British-themed statement, albeit as controversial as usual.

source BBC News

Latest Graffiti believed to be by Banksy

Everything from your lunchbox to your living room can celebrate being British, no matter your budget. The key to adopting this trend, when decorating your home or your commercial space, is all in the details. It can be easy to transform your space by adding something as simple as new cushions or staff uniforms.

Diamond Jubilee themed home products from Harrods

Diamond Jubilee themed home products from Harrods

A very popular way to celebrate the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee is in the form of a street party. According to street party organisation Streets Alive, street parties are perfect “for good neighbourly reasons and it is a great excuse to hold one for a Jubilee as a national occasion. This has a long tradition which started in 1919 and 1 million joined in for last year’s royal wedding.”

Help to set up your own street party is also offered by Directgov.

Diamond Jubilee themed home products from Debenhams

Diamond Jubilee themed home products from Debenhams

However you’re due to celebrate, be sure to adorn yourself somehow in the Union Jack and celebrate with British pride!

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