The innovative team at Kohler have taken the two most used rooms of our homes and have turned them on their head to transform our day-to-day activities in to pure experiences.

One of our favourite products that Kohler have created is the VibrAcoutic bath.

According to their website, “With VibrAcoustic technology, you can play your favorite music, news, podcasts and more through your bath. Just plug in your smart phone, tablet or MP3 player or stream wirelessly via Bluetooth®”

Kohler go on to describe the experience when using their VibrAcoustic bath, explaining that the technology “permeates your entire body with buoyant rhythms that carry you on a course toward complete relaxation. Vibrations surround your body and resound throughout your core as the slow, sonic rhythms pulse both above and below the waterline. Choose one of our four original compositions or listen to music on your own personal device. Either way, the resulting relaxation and calm is closer to a spa session than anything previous experienced in the bath.”

Doesn’t that sound incredible? Music can have a powerful effect on people, and its considering little details like this that can really transform designs, or inspire unique and innovate ideas like this. Above all this, the aesthetics haven’t been ignored and the tubs remain looking sleek and contemporary. We’d love to have one of these baths, but we fear we’d never get out!

  1. Aida-ad


    My name’s Aida, I’m from Spain and I study Advertising and PR. I’d like to ask you if this piece of video is a TV commercial in UK (or other countries) or not. I’m doing some kind of advertising review of different bathroom brands worldwide.

    Thanks a lot!!!

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