As a designer, it is your job to be creative and let your imagination run wild, and one of the hardest things is reining yourself back. A client has come to us because their room has a purpose, and they want us to make the space practical for this purpose.

But, who says practicality and creativity can’t go hand in hand?!

creative shelving ideas

creative yet practical shelving ideas

It is easy to see that some of these inspiring designs we have found are custom created, but the beauty of this is that a bespoke design is made to be perfect for your space.

The floating suitcase shelves, for example, are a really fantastic idea that could be applied to many different commercial spaces, such as featured on the wall of a travel agents. It isn’t always a sin to incorporate home-interior ideas in to the commercial world, as bringing a homely, comforting, personal touch can help ease customers and clients and help them to be able to gain trust.
The book-shelf chairs, too, would be fantastic installments in libraries.

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