Up the road from bwd HQ, not-so-sunny-Blackpool is home to one of the funniest floors we have seen in a long time – the Comedy Carpet!

Sat on the front promenade, inbetween the beach and world famous Blackpool Tower, the Comedy Carpet is the Floor-Of-Fame for a collection of famous, memorable quotes by 850 writers and comedians, which are favourited by many!

Even though we adore the content of the Comedy Carpet, and taking a walk across the floor to read each quote leaves us feeling warm and fuzzy from all our laughing, even the design catches our attention. Designer Gordon Young has taken inspiration from vintage playbills for the new and old quotes, and we love it. It has a great contrast against the more contemporary design of the renovated Blackpool promenade, and it follows the current trend of vintage-inspired designs.

If you havent been to see the Comedy Carpet yet, you should consider paying it a visit this summer. Grab yourself some chips and an ice cream and take a stroll!

We love to create some bespoke designs for feature walls or floors inspired by quotes or images for commercial spaces. In fact, we are currently working on some special, custom designs for a space on one of our projects!

Blackpool's Comedy Carpet

Blackpool’s Comedy Carpet

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