A recent trend in the interior design world, for both home and commercial spaces, is bringing inside inspiration from outside!

Whether its realistic and rustic, or a in a stylised, manfactured manner, there is no denying that statement tree fixtures are successfully bringing together aethetics and practicality.

Bringing natural elements in to the home can be done yourself in a more subtle, smaller scale, but I think these fixutres would be fantastic and have a great effect on a large scale in commercial spaces as product shelves or as part of displays in children and family oriented areas, such as museums, cafes, or even librarys.

tree inspired fixtures

getting back to nature with tree inspired fixtures

White-washed walls work perfectly with these fixtures, giving a clean, contemporary feel and forcing more focus on the statement pieces, but incorporating soft colours on to the fixtures and the surrounding wall areas would also make them child-appropriate.

I’d love to create some huge, custom tree-inspired fixtures like these for a commercial space, of either a stylised and natural design! I can’t wait for a project to pop up that calls out for these!

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