We are about to come to the end of one of our projects, with 1 day to go before the event launches! Many different elements of production and design have gone into this project, so we’re very excited about constructing it all and seeing the final space design for the event!

production at JDL

production is well under way over at JDL

Here are bwd, we pride ourselves on our ability to see a project from the very first brief to the very final output. We remain creative with our designs but keep the build in mind. bwd differs from many other design consultants because we project manage the entire process, and form a partnership with our clients to proactively identify their requirements and thoroughly explore their present and future considerations.

For this project in particular, the production side of our project has seen us work closely with Joinery Design LTD and Feather and Jones.

Today we all met up together at JDL’s factory to make sure all our elements fit perfectly! bwd have custom designed fixtures and units for this special event, so seeing the team at JDL bringing our designs to life is really exciting!

JDL and bwd custom designed fixtures

JDL and bwd custom designed fixtures

I know you can’t really tell what is going on here, but we don’t want to spoil the surprise at the event now do we!

Thanks to the nature of the project, we have been able to work with Feather and Jones and the great, fun products they create! Feather and Jones are a company who create, amongst other things, this fabulous magnetic wallpaper that we are using to apply our graphics! Its so easy to apply, and we’re using it all over this project now!

Feather and Jones fantastic magnetic wallpaper

Feather and Jones fantastic magnetic wallpaper!

(Sorry! I’m afraid we can’t really show you the graphics either!)

Seeing the final products after we set up the Manchester based event is going to be really exciting after all the late nights and hard work. We hope you all enjoy the event too!

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