We came across this gem in the middle of Manchester! Forget ice cream vans, we are loving the bacon sandwich van by Pork on your Fork! Imagine coming across this the morning after the night before, or first thing on a Monday morning – such a wonderful idea.

The use of a big red London bus was great too, keeping the bacon buttie truely British and an aesthetically pleasing alternative to your standard take-away food van that looks a little dodgy and makes you feel a little nervous.

Pork on your Fork pop-up campaign

Pork on your Fork pop-up campaign

The graphics and decals across the van really grabbed our eye, keeping the British theme tyed in while still remaining a fresh style.

BUT it was there with a purpose!

“In a bid to encourage more people to try lower salt bacon and pork products, we’ll be kick-starting our nationwide ‘Best Thing in Sliced Bread’ tour, offering lower salt bacon butties to the nation”

Salt Awareness Week was 26 March – 2 April, and the tour visited London, Manchester, and Leeds. We’re going to keep our eyes open for it next year too!

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